Popular tourist attractions

The Heuvelland with it’s beautiful walking and cycling path’s , GR walking routes, Mountain bike routes en Nature reservates: Kemmelberg, Rode Berg, Zwarte Berg, Scherpenberg, Vidaigneberg & Monteberg.

Kemmel: Toerisme Heuvelland

  • Site of the Lettenberg: Britsh shelters WO I
  • Castle“De Warande” and Warandepark
  • Museum of Agriculture
  • French Monument: Obelisk “The Angel”
  • French Cemetery: Mass graves from WO I on top of Kemmel Mountain
  • Visitors centre “Het Heuvelland”
  • The bronze fellow on the Dries “De Gaper”
  • The Commando bunker
  • Kemmel Mountain: the highest point (156 m) of the province West-Vlaanderen
  • The St.Laurentius church


  • The Music festival (first weekend of August)
  • The monument of geographer– astronomer Peter Plancius 16th century
  • Calvary cross Zwarte Molen: remembrance events 16th century
  • “Kruistombe” for 3 murdered  priests from Reningelst killed in the 16th century
  • Pavlik monument: Tsjechian pilot in W.O. II
  • Folk Experience: the modern interactive music museum

Wulvergem: The whale village

  • Sint-Machutus church
  • Pond Farm Cemetery
  • Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery
  • Packhorse Farm Shrine Cemetery
  • Wulvergem Churchyard: 38 British graves on the village cemetery





  • Polish chapel Schomminkelstraat: liberation by the  First Polish Pantser Brigade 6 september 1944
  • The  wooden Lijster mill on the Rodeberg
  • The Sint-Eligius church
  • Westouter Churchyard and Extension
  • Westoutre British Cemetery
  • The hills: Rodeberg, Zwarteberg, Scherpenberg and Vidaigneberg
  • Westouter and the annual  theater summer festival Spots op West, an organisation  of the “Opendoek Amateurtheater Vlaanderen”
  • The last Monday of August: The  Belcanto Classic cycling tour with the well-known singer  Guido Belcanto

De Klijte:

Annual events:

Other locations:


  • The Irish Peace Tower WW I and Peace Park
  • The London Scottish Monument
  • NZ Memorial
  • The NZ Messines Ridge Memorial
  • The Sint-Niklaaschurch with Crypt and Peace Carillon
  • Betleem Farm East & West Cemetery
  • Japanese Peace Pale
  • Monument Deleu

Ypres: The historical city and “The Great War”

Yearly events:


  • German militairy Cemetery
  • Warmonument “The Brooding Soldier”
  • Monument Hertfordshire
  • Guynemer Monument
  • Welsh National Memorial Park


Poperinge, the capital of the hop!


  • Bellewaerde
  • Provinciaal Domein De Palingbeek


  • Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917
  • Polygoon Wood Cemetery